Selwo Aventura Zoo

Selwo Aventura Zoo

Selwo Aventura Zoo


Located just an hour and a half's drive from Nerja, Selwo Aventura makes for a great day out for all ages.

With well over 60 animals there is plenty to see. From Angolan Giraffe to Red Panda and African Rock Pythons, there is a wide and diverse collection of mammals, birds and reptiles on offer.

Situated in the heart of Costa del Sol, the park presents visitors with the chance to "to enjoy wild nature, by experiencing a great expedition through different territories". Across a range of territories, the Zoo transports you to the natural world across a variety of territories including the African savanna, Amazon Rainforest and the Australian outback to name but a few.

Selwo Aventura offers exclusive and enticing adventure activities, in addition to the traditions of a zoo. You can zip-line across a lake and even bounce on trampolines that allow you to jump up to eight metres in the air!

The park also offers a wide programme of presentation activities and talks. One of the featured presentations is "Meet the..." talks. These talks offer both fun and educational perspectives on species such as cheetah, giraffe, lion and a few others. Furthermore, there is an exclusive bird and small mammal demonstration, The Cycle of Life, which includes owls, meerkats and more.

The Park has a wide programme of activities and presentations, one of the highlights being “Meet the…”, talks which are both educational and fun, on different species such as the lion, cheetah, giraffe, Asian elephant and lemur. In addition, the presentation “The cycle of life” is an exclusive bird and small mammals demonstration with specimens of the Bengal eagle-owl, the common barn owl, the meerkat and ocelot.

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